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CH Verseau’s Leave Me Breathless OA, OAJ, OF, HT, STDs, RN, CD, NCC, NAJ, NJC, TN-E, WV-N, GS-N, CGC
One of Krishna’s elbows had bone spurs which indicates joint instability.  So he does not have a passing elbow rating.  He’s 7 now, and so far has not had any pain in the joint. He was neutered just before his 5th birthday due to prostate problems. Krishna has excellent hips, OFA pass on his heart, and a passing CERF from June of 2010.  Because he is not eligible for breeding, I will not be submitting this most recent CERF Krishna is a very athletic, highly driven dog.  He is out- going and friendly with people and a delight to live with. Whelped 05/26/2005
My boy Krishna!