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Belgians di Coraggio
Thanks for visiting my website devoted to my Belgian Sheepdogs.  I named my kennal coraggio, for the heart and courage I expect from a Belgian sheepdog.
That’s my boy Krishna, he is passionate about the agility game
Krishna is:  CH Verseau’s Leave Me Breathless OA, OAJ, OF, HT, STDs, RN, CD, NCC, NAJ, NJC, TN-E, WV-N, GS- N, CGC Mae is:  Valkohampaan Cipiti Cipiti Rehomed and forever missed, Lana is:  Elancer’s Di Baleno NA, OAJ, NF, PT, GS-N, JS-O, RS-N, OAC, OJC, TN- E, WV-N, TG-N, CGC Contact: kaypee65@yahoo.com